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Sony NEX-FS100 review at Engadget.


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Engadget (Click here) tested the Sony NEX-FS100: “Some gadgets are worth making sacrifices for, however, and this is one of them. It delivers the raw cinematic beauty permitted by a large sensor, along with a smart lens platform and all the essential video and audio controls and I/O options required by any professional shooter. Muscling through on a DSLR or VG10 does not even compare.“. You can get the NEX-FS100 at BHphpoto (Click here).

Sony NEX-C3 review at Soundimagesplus (Click here): “While I’m still not convinced that the NEX system, as it currently stands, is for me, there is no doubt that you get an awful lot of good things for your money. First and foremost here is the file size and image quality. Top quality and certainly equal to and in many cases better than a DSLR.“. The NEC-C3 is in Stock at [shopcountry 7207].

Juan sent me one of the most amazing fisheye pictures I have ever seen. You can see it at (Click here). It has been made with the [shoplink 3003]Sony NEX-5[/shoplink] + [shoplink 8622 ebay]Samyang 8mm[/shoplink]. It is a fast action 360º panorama, shot in maual mode and fast burst at the base jumping place in Montrebey, Aragón wall (Spain). The Samyang 8mm lens is available for NEX on [shoplink 8622 ebay]eBay (Click here to check specs and price)[/shoplink].


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