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More NEX-5n reviews


A “Californian” NEX-5n preview by Wideopencamera.

EosHD (Click here) discovered that the Sunset picture profile of the NEX-5n eliminates most of the video quality problems: “Until now DSLR image processors and codecs have been incredibly poor at rendering a smooth gradation of shades over flat areas with little detail. We have tended to get banding and rough step-changes between different tones rather than a smooth gradient. We’ve had blockiness, poor colour rendition, plastic skin tones and blue skies that look like a huge hole in the ozone layer has just opened up. The 5N’s Sunset picture profile is designed to give smooth gradated tones to mimic the look of 10bit on an 8bit codec.

Initial impressions and some test shots at Jaegraphy (Click here): “The dynamic range available is very impressive, I have an inkling it exceeds the D7000, a camera that I have shot a lot with. Even just in TIFF format, the files are very pliable with a lot of headroom for manipulation before showing any banding or other unwanted digital artifacts. Of the cameras that have used this 16mpx sensor family, which include the Pentax K5, Nikon D7000, and the Sony A580, it feels just as good if not better.

K5 versus Sony NEX-5n at dpreview forum (Click here). Found via RiceHigh.

The NEX-5n is available at (Click on store names):
USA&Canada: Amazon (in Stock!), Sonystore US (in Stock!), Sonystore Canada (in Stock!) and [shoplink 8452 ebay]eBay (in Stock!)[/shoplink].
Europe: SonyStore DE (in Stock), SonyStore FR (in Stock), SonyStore IT (in Stock), Amazon DE (preorder), Amazon UK (preorder) and [shoplink 8452 ebay]eBay (in Stock!)[/shoplink].
Asia: Digitalrev (in Stock), [shoplink 8452 ebay]eBay (in Stock!)[/shoplink].

P.S.: Both the NEX-5n and NEX-7 are still within the Amazon top 20 rankings (Click here to see the full rankings).

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