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My fault: The new camera is branded as a higher end vlogger camera and not a high end A6xxx camera replacement


The one part that was wrong of my Sony APS-C camera rumors was the info that this would be a new High End camera. But indeed my source got mislead by Sony marketing that will present this camera as a higher end vlogger camera and the first of a new line. So this is not the A6660 replacement. And as far as I know there is no A6600 replacement coming any time soon.

So again, my apologies for that piece of wrong rumor. Understand that Sony is quite secretive on leaks…and as far as I know I am the only website on the world that at least could tell you that there is a new APS-C camera coming (and this weeks ago). And moreover you also know this will now be a new kind of model (first of it’s line in terms of naming). So you can either bitch me on the glass half empty or relax a bit and enjoy the glass that is half full. With the hope that now that I am back from my 6 month long COVID-19 project I will have more time to spend on rumor work ;)

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