New A99 vs 5D ISO test (and note on the previous D600 comparison). A99 in Stock in US at Sonystore.


If you click on the image on top you will see the full ISO comparison between the A99 and 5DmarkIII posted by DSLRmagazine (translation here). But before to go into the details of this comparison I want to go back to the ISO test made by Focus Numerique (translation here) where they compared the results with the Nikon D600. First, my french is very bad and google translation doesn’t really help you that much. I made mistake and said these were RAW converted files while they were not. These are original JPG images (but you can download the RAW files too). One of our readers noticed that the Sony JPG files are actually having a size of 8MB only compared to the 15-16MB of the Nikon D800 (Example: ISO 1600 -> A99 vs D600).

This means that Sony JPEG Fine setting compresses twice more than the Nikon! Of course a Nikon or Canon will always look better when you compare apple with oranges :) We really have to see a real RAW comparison to get a more accurate idea about the A99 performance!

Back to the comparison made by DSLRmagazine. These are once again JPEG comparisons and as we now know Sony applies a stronger compression for their JPEG files. In short…dear reviewers…show us some real RAW comparison! :)

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