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New BCN report: Sony slowly losing market share in Japan: About time to announce new cameras!


BCNretail published the April Japanese Full Frame market share data. There is little change from the previous March report. Sony did loose around 8% share to Nikon. While the Canon share remained steady.

The top 3 camera sales are:

1) Sony A7III 38,9%
2) EOS-RP 16,5%
3) EOS-R 12,3%

Overall the FF mirrorless sales increased by 62,7% compared to last year!

It is expected that Sony shares drop slightly. Afterall Sony had last FF camera announcement happened 15 months ago (Sony A7III). It’s about time Sony you release your new A9II and A7sIII. And I wouldn’t mind to get a new A7rIV (or A9r) too :)

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