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New EQX Primers for the A7S3


Press text:

This year we have achieved what we have worked on for five years. Quite a ride. The long targeted quality and defined unified colour science, based on our Unified Colour Philosophy.
Earlier this year we have updated our Primers for Sony F55, FX9 and FS7/5 cameras to this level with Gen7_1 and every user was contacted by mail with update.
Recently, another great Sony camera got supercharged with Primers.
We have analyzed and optimized Sony A7S3. Happy to report that the sensor is excellent…and we got outstanding results out of it.
This is the first Sony compact camera in our Primers EQX class. 10 bits+ …finally. We made sure to make it shine. I can safely say that any A7S3 owner using Primers is getting top class colour quality for monitoring and post production. Also, using our Unified Colour Philosophy, A7S3 Primers users will have much easier time matching it to other cameras we support. 
We didn’t forget the early Primers users.
The first ever camera optimized with Primers was Sony A7R2, in 2016.
Update for A7R2 is coming on emails when it is ready. As well as other compact cameras we support like RX10Mk2, A6300/6500 & AS72. They are already in the works and initial results are…well…smile-inducing.
Hats off to Sony team for making this little marvel.

Thank you all who recognized Primers.

Hrvoje Simic
Omeneo Design

Project info:

Primers are professional, per-sensor response designed transformation tools embodied into a set of 3DLUTs, designed for spot-on, visually-referent monitoring with fully organic/natural imagery and high quality post production.
More information:
Few A7S3 samples on Primers for Sony page, make sure you check then on a computer monitor:

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