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New Hasselbald Lunar pics (wit Zeiss lens) and hands-on report.


The Hasselblad Lunar is ready to come soon! The picture on top shows the new Lunar with the new Zeiss lens. At DC.home (Click here) you can see first image samples shot on the Lunar with the 18-55mm and Zeiss lens! And Brad Morrise ( wrote a first hands-on report. In short this are his first impressions:

– Compared to the NEX-7 the the Hassy feels to have a better quality click when releasing the shutter.
-The LED and VF are the same as the NEX-7 however there is a large eyecup now installed on the viewfinder
– the knobs are now quite sharp and uncomfortable to touch, almost like touching a cheese grater.

And he ends his first review report by saying “There is no compelling reason I can see to take this camera over the NEX-7.” Obviously the camera is not made for us poor SAR readers but rather for multi millionaires whose main daily struggle is finding a new unnecessary reason to spend their money :)

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