New Laowa 15mm f/2.0 FE lens review by Adrian Murray


Adrian Murray tested the brand new Laowa 15mm f/2.0 FE lens which you can preorder since this week at (Click here). The conclusion:

If you’re a landscape, astro, or architecture photographer shooting with a full frame E-mount system then I would recommend this be on your radar. It delivers fine results in a small package and a fair price. If I had to guess I think a lot of you reading this are probably comparing this lens to Sigma’s 14mm offering. Sure, you lose autofocus, 1mm and 1/3 of a stop when compared to the new Sigma 14mm f/1.8. However, this lens was built for Sony E-mount cameras so you end up getting a more nimble design. Autofocus? Really? This is 15mm, do you honestly need that? You’re not likely going to be using this lens to shoot fast moving subjects. You also gain the more manageable front element. Oh, there’s also the tiny fact that this lens costs about half that of the Sigma Art. Not to mention the weight savings. The Sigma 14mm comes in at 2.57 pounds (1170 grams), not including the weight of the adaptor which you’ll need to use it on a Sony camera. That’s over twice the weight of Laowa’s option. Either way, the Laowa is a performer and fits nicely in my camera bag. 

Venus Optics also made available full size image samples via Dropbox


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