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Reviews: 50mm FE, 85mm GM and 70-300mm FE


Mike Ling posted the 85mm GM video test above and writes:

This is a real life lens comparison of the Sony 85 GM, Zeiss Otus 55, Zeiss 135 APO, Nikon 85 F1.8G. The Sony is very sharp wide open at F1.4, the color seems much warmer compare to the other 3 lenses in the test. All raw and jpeg images can be downloaded to pixel peep in Lightroom, link iis under the video descriptions.
85mm GM store links: [shopcountry 47395].

The 50mm FE lens got reviewed at Dsphotoblog:

This lens has excellent value for money when it comes to image quality and the warm look you get. For 248 $ or 300 euros it even beats Tamron and Sigma lenses. The image quality and the look are that good that I will keep this lens and hope that Sony will release a firmware update for it to improve the autofocus. If i would give it a rating it would be a 8+ out of 10 for image quality and the look. The FE 50 1.8 is small and lightweight and it makes total sense on an A7 series camera especially for street shooting and travelling and of course for portraits.
50mm FE store links: [shopcountry 47526].

And Ricky Ban is testing the new 70-300mm FE lens:

I’ve posted a comparison of the Sony FE 24-70 GM vs Sony FE 70-300 @ 70mm F/4.5. Not sure if your readers are interested. Just did it for some fun. And to compare the sharpness of them both.
70-300 FE store links: [shopcountry 47527].

And Digitalrev compared the Bokeh performance between the Otus 85mm and Sony 85mm GM lens

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