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New Sony A580 review at techradar (DxO supports the A580)


Lately we read many positive reviews about the A55 and the A580. But Techradar doesn’t agree with all of them. They tested the A580 and gave them a Overall score of 3/5 only! They didn’t like the Image Quality results: “Although the majority of images are accurate enough, the camera does have a tendency of making them a little too warm. This, together with the odd underexposure, can produce dense-looking results, although the system also shows a tendency to veer towards unexpected coldness at times, which is particularly noticeably when the same scene is shot from a slightly different perspective. In summary, the A580 is clearly capable of capturing good images with plenty of detail, but leaving it to its automated settings doesn’t always produce the desired result.

Read the full review at Techradar and feel free to share yout thoughts about their test results.

Meanwhile ThePhoBlographer posted the third part of the A580 field review.

P.s.: DxO Optics Pro v6.5.4 adds support for the Sony A580

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