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New Sony A7III reviews by Kai and Imaging Resource


On top you can watch Kai’s take on the Sony A7III. And Imaging Resource published the final A7III review conclusion:

Sony keeps knocking it out of the park with their full-frame mirrorless cameras. Each generation gets better and better, and with the A7 III, especially, they’ve created an impressive all-around camera with professional-level image quality, performance and features, while at the same time maintaining a price point that’s attainable for a lot of photographers. Sure, if you need more resolution, the A7R is there; and if you need crazy-fast burst speeds, the A9 is waiting. But you’ll pay a lot for these upgrades. The Sony A7 III, on the other hand, is all about balance; it’s a “Goldilocks” camera in a way. The A7 III offers such a well-balanced mix of performance, quality and features that it suits many different types of photographers and many photographic disciplines, and it’s worth the current ~$600 premium over the Mark II model in our books. As we said earlier, if you’ve been pondering the move to a mirrorless camera, especially full-frame, the Sony A7 III should absolutely be at the top of your list.
As you can guess, the Sony A7 III definitely gets the thumbs-up as a Dave’s Pick!

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