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Nice job from Sony: Today they announce a special laser retinal projection technology kit so that people with amblyopia can see the HX99 compact camera images


Sony has announced the digital camera “DSC-HX99 RNV kit” that uses laser retinal projection technology that makes it easy for people with low vision (amblyopia) to see images on conventional viewfinders and monitors.

Gogole translated text from Digicameinfo:

  • On February 21, Sony announced that it will sell a limited number of the digital camera kit “DSC-HX99 RNV kit” that combines a laser retina projection type viewfinder that is not easily affected by the focusing ability of the eyes with its own digital camera. The price was reduced to 109,800 yen by Sony bearing some of the costs.
  • It is combined with the viewfinder “RETISSA NEOVIEWER” that applies QD Laser’s laser retinal projection technology and the Cyber-shot series “DSC-HX99”.
  • Laser retinal projection technology is a mechanism that reflects the weak light of RGB lasers emitted by an ultra-compact projector on MEMS mirrors (microscopic mirrors that vibrate at high speed) and projects images directly onto the retina. It is characterized by being able to see images regardless of the condition of the anterior eye, making it easier for people with low vision, who had difficulty seeing images with conventional viewfinders and monitors, to take photos and videos.
  • “Laser retinal projection is a completely new technology that has been put to practical use ahead of the rest of the world. We hope that this product will enable people with low vision to enjoy taking pictures, expand their range of activities, and discover new worlds.” President Mitsuru Sugawara)

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