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Sony will announce a new ZV Full Frame E-mount camera by end of March!



Back in January I got word that Sony would announce a Vlogger focused ZV FF camera. I really assumed this was a fixed lens model but I was wrong! Trusted sources now confirmed this is an E-mount camera.  More reliable info: It will definitely be announced in late March and the price will be below $3,000!

I hope to get some VERIFIED specs soon!


As of now I can only share this UNVERIFIED specs from a two new sources. So it might be wrong. But for the sake of discussion let me know what you would think about this:

So this seems to be something like a baby A7sIII for Vloggers. What do you think about this? Personally I don’t care much about it but apparently the vlogger market is booming and Sony has to fill the niche!

More RUMORS to come:

In this video I share some more tidbits and a hin about another rumor I will post tomorrow:

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