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Nikon D600 priced at 1500 Euro. Canon 5DmarkIII at 3000 Euro. What price is right for the A99?


The Canon 5DmarkIII is the one camera to beat for the A99. But the D600 will set a new low price for FF cameras.

A source just told us that indeed Nikon will announce the Nikon D600 FF camera by end of this month. And the price will be around 1.500 Euro for the Body Only and it will use the same 24 Megapixel Sony sensor that will be used for the A99. The A99 is rumored to be priced somewhere between 2.500 and 2.800 Euro. From what I know from the source the A99 has strong advantages compared to the D600 like weather sealed body, better video quality (and Phase detection AF while video recording), much faster frame rate (10/12 fps versus 3fps), more advanced control layout and so on. So it’s more appropriate to compare the A99 with the [shoplink 13204 ebay]Canon 5DmarkIII (price over 3000 Euro/Dollars)[/shoplink]…. But the question is…will the Nikon D600 be a problem for Sony? At what price would you buy the A99 instead of the D600 or Canon 5DmarkIII or Nikon D800? Be honest! :)

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