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(SR5) APP support coming! The new NEX cameras are almost like iPhones :)


[shoplink 12933][/shoplink]
The [shoplink 12933]NEX-F3[/shoplink] flipping LCD will come with the NEX-5R.

This may be a bigger news than you think. The new NEX-5R and NEX-6 camera will have a “full Internet support”. Not only you can surf the we with it…It means you can sell Apps for the cameras! Imagine this! Custom APP with customized filters and features. If Sony really makes this than WOW! Don’t you think?

Would you consider to buy a new A6900 (or A7000) with 40Mp, 8K, IBIS and price of $2,000?

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One more bit of rumor: And the new 5R will look like the [shoplink 8452]5N (Click here)[/shoplink] with [shoplink 12933]NEX-F3[/shoplink] LCD :)

Oh one more thing, guess what’s the most Sony camera of the moment…click here to see the Amazon US OVERALL ranking….amazing :)

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