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What’s the strategy behind the A99 (via Top Sources)


I had many conversations with my top sources about the upcoming A99. It is very interesting to share the “philosophical” aspects behind the A99 release.

First the A99 is a result of a research made two years ago. Sony asked pro photographers and video makers how they should make the A99 in order to make it a successful camera. The main request was a camera that would have PRO Video quality and support. It should outclass the [shoplink 13195 ebay]5DmarkII[/shoplink] an the current 5DmarkIII in that matter. Sony managers and engineers than decided to develop not only an A99 with pro video quality recording but a whole system that can support the camera. So what we will see soon is not just a camera, but a new kind of thinking hybrid still and video in one system. The camera is more mature than the A77. It is all about af speed, video quality, fast and high resolution EVF technology, well thought accessories and clean image quality.

The new Hot shoe, the new Flash Light (with continuous LED light) the new battery grip are all newly developed with photography AND(!) film-making in mind. Maybe this will become the real first professional Full Frame hybrid camera that will bring us a step closer to the merging of the photo and video world.

I think Sony took a wise decision to follow this route. It’s the only way to break the Nikon and Canon hegemony in the Full Frame world. Now let’s hope the A99 can really acheive the goal. The devil as usual is in the detail. And Sony can’t afford to make any mistakes here!

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P.S.: A higher resolution and more “photo” oriented FF camera will follow in 2013!
P.P.S.: As usal sorry for my bad english. But I hope you got the message!

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