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(SR3) Sony announcement party on August 28th??? Follow SonyAlphaRumors!


This rumor still hasn’t been confirmed by trusted sources but according to two anonymous messages I got the last 48hours the big Sony DDAY announcement is scheduled for August 28th! I hope trusted sources can confirm this within the next hours so that I can upgrade the rumor from SR3 to SR5. I am also not sure if this announcement is just for NEX or for NEX and the A99!

I also have been told that we should expect major leaks the days before the announcement. For now we know the A99 (with new flash and vertical grip and more), NEX-5R, NEX-6 are coming. On the lens front we could see a new 70-200mm, 300mm A mount lens (and maybe a 50mm prime) and on the NEX front I am sure we will have the new 11-18 and 16-50mm pancake(!) zooms and a new 35mm f/1.8 prime lens. I will write an exact roundup of all camera, lens accessories and features next week. Let’s hope Sony models will be as successful as the [shoplink 13014]Sony RX100[/shoplink] (on top of the rankings at Amazon US).

This means that you guys can’t afford to miss a single day on SonyAlphaRumors! And be sure to be online here on August 28th at between 5 and 7 am London time to follow the announcement live on SAR! Follow SAR RSS feed or follow me on Twitter and join the super friendly Facebook comunity! Share the news on your blog and your Sony (and Nikon LOL) community.

P.S: Let’s break the 6.000 likes barrier :)

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