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Niveau Wiggle Trioscopic 3D lens announced


This new Niveau Wiggle Trioscopic 3D lens has been launched on Kickstarter. And Marc from SonyAlphaBlog tested it. He concluded:

The Niveau Wiggle 3D Trioscopic lens (100$) is a refreshing lens , it is very fun to use and will allow to create original gif to illustrate a product, your website or for your social network
For a 3D printed lens it is well built and fully functional with a aperture and focusing ring. The lens fit well on The Sony body without any scrap or risk to damage your camera
The sharpness and color rendition is good when you close down a bit the aperture , but a little bit slowly wide open
You will need to learn the technique to post process them and for the first one it could take you 15min per photo but with some practice you get this down to 4-5 minutes
If you want to experiment something different , worth to try it and get fun

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