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Not Canon and not Nikon…but Panasonic might be the most serious Sony A7-A9 competition!


Well, we expected Canon and Nikon to launch good but not extraordinary cameras. After all they are historically conservative players in the market doing just the necessary to defend their current market share. Sony has played conservative too by holding back the A7sIII launch until some serious competition appears. Well folks this is “status quo” is going to change soon!

99,999% reliable sources from report this:

– Panasonic will launch a new Full Frame system camera on September 25 (will be on market by march 2019)
– It will probably use the Leica SL mount and be compatible with their six lenses (those are expensive but also very good lenses)
– Panasonic will both offer superb video quality with 4k60p and a new very high-resolution sensor (around 50MP and sensor designed by Panasonic)
– The camera is aimed to compete with the best High End cameras from Sony, Nikon and Canon but with a much lower price rumored to be around $3,000

As you can see in one strike Panasonic will offer the top video performance of the A7sII (and future A7sIII), the speed of the Sony A9 and a higher resolution than the Sony A7rIII. All that for just around $3,000!!!

This news matters for us because it could have a cascade effect on Sony! If Panasonic is indeed going to launch this beast on September 25 Sony will have to launch the A7sIII very soon too. Plus it will have to be priced at a decent price.

And than there is a more philosophical question: If the Panasonic can do both super video and super high-resolution stills….time may come for Sony to announce one single camera that can do it all? Something like a Sony A9r with 4k60p, 60+ megapixels and the speed of the A9…ok I am dreaming…wake me up now by trolling me in the comment system :)


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