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Official: Hasselblad HV A-mount camera launched! Costs $11,500!


Well, after the [shoplink 22672 ebay]Hasselblad Lunar (on eBay here)[/shoplink] and the [shoplink 22673 ebay]Hasselblad Stellar (on eBay here)[/shoplink] we have the first Hasselblad luxury version of a Sony A-mount camera!

Today Hasselblad announced the new Full Frame A-mount “Hasselblad HV” camera. All info can be read at The tech specs are the same of the Sony A99. What changes are the weight and the material used to change the style of the camera. You can buy the camera only in a special “High Performance Case” package which includes two batteries and the 24-70mm f/2.8 Zeiss. The full package will cost you $11,500 or 8500 Euro!

Here are the key differences between the Hasselblad HV and the Sony A99:

1) Unlike the Sony A99 this camera has a “Machined high-grade aluminium” chassis. Hasselblad writes:

Even though the trend in the camera industry is to manufacture camera bodies in cast magnesium for lightness, the fact is, ‘old-school’ aluminium has far more qualities. It is resistant to corrosion, more durable and much tougher than magnesium – especially when machined from a solid block of top quality alloy.

2) And it has a “PVD – the best coating treatment available today”. Haselblad writes:

We certainly don’t intend to bore you with the details of high temperature vacuum evaporation and plasma sputter bombardment processes, but suffice it to say that PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is serious cutting edge coating technology. It was originally developed as a specialist hardening treatment for high speed cutting tools but has evolved into an outstanding finishing process solution. Its hardness is second only to that of diamond.

3) The High Performance case details:

THE HIGH QUALITY, PROTECTIVE CASE OFFERS safe transportation for your equipment and is the choice of professionals. All beautifully presented, the case is functional with considered design features to make using your equipment practical and safe. Particular attention has been given to the weight, to the aesthetic and the bespoke foam centre.
THE HV HIGH PERFORMANCE CASE IS MADE FROM RESIN called TTX01 which makes it more robust and protective against external agents yet lighter than any other case on the market. It also guarantees extra protection from dust, water, impacts, shocks and chemical agents and is able to resist extreme weather conditions and temperature changes from -40° C up to 80°C.


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