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Official Sony A7III Help Guide explains you the new firmware update features


The official Sony A7III Help Guide now explains you how to set the new features: EyeAF (Click here) and Interval Shooting Functions (Click here).

ILCE-7RM3 Update file (for Windows)              File name : Update_ILCE7RM3V300.exe
ILCE-7RM3 Update file (for Mac)              File name : Update_ILCE7RM3V300.dmg
a7 III
ILCE-7M3 Update file (for Windows)              File name : Update_ILCE7M3V300.exe
ILCE-7M3 Update file (for Mac)              File name : Update_ILCE7M3V300.dmg


Firmware live update report by David Oastler

An Animal EyeAF test:

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