Oh gosh! Hasselblad in trouble?


Ex-Ceo Hannsen with Buzz Aldrin at the Lunar launch event (Source: Hasselblad).

I really don’t know if the rumors are true but Photorumors claims to have “heard” that “Ventizz will pull the plug on Hasselblad very soon“. Ventizz Capital owns Hasselblad since 2011. A couple of months ago I reported that Hasselblad CEO Dr. Larry Hansen had been removed (article here). So probably something strange is going on…

If rumors are true than I guess the strategy to sell “Sony luxurified Hasselblads” didn’t work out. Althaugh big stares like Medvedev, BeckhamBlondie and David Lynch have been spotted owning the Hasselblad Lunar.

It would be a terrible news for a such a great medium format camera maker. I guess recent Full Frame cameras with Sony sensor like the Nikon D800 and Sony A7r are eating up large part of the already small medium format market. Don’t know what Hasselblad should do to get out from their (rumored) troubles. Maybe they should have focused on launching a sub $10,000 mirrorless medium format system using Sony’s partnerhsip to drop costs. But that may be just a weird idea of mine…

Note: You can currently buy the three “Sony luxurified Hasselblads” on eBay: Hasselblad Lunar (on eBay here), Hasselblad Stellar (on eBay here) and the first Hasselblad HV superkit (on eBay here).