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One small doubt(?) and additional Sony ZV-E1 info!


A trusted source told me the specs of the new ZV-E1 camera but he said the camera name was “ZV-E”. But after posting my article another source said the camera name is “ZV-E1”. So maybe the first source only made a typing error and forgot to add the “1”. Just so you know that I am now a bit uncertain about the name yet “Sony ZV-E1” or “Sony ZV-E“?

Additional info:

  • The Sony ZV-E1 body is a mix between the FX3 and A7c.
  • The autofocus is from the Sony A7rV
  • 4k120 will NOT be launch at first, will come with firmware update after the summer

I hope to get soon more details about this camera but also about the next Sony High End APS-C model!

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