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CONFIRMED: New Sony ZV-E1 will be announced on March 29. Here are the specs!


The new ZV-E1 should have a similar body size of the A7c pictured above

I can finally confirm that on March 29 we will get the new Sony ZV-E1. This will be Sony’s first Full Frame E-mount Blogger focused camera. Here are the specs I think are 99,999% correct :)

  • New ZV-E1 E-mount camera is based on the Sony As7III
  • Similar body of the Sony A7c (but it’s not an A7c replacement!)
  • Same A7sIII 12 Megapixel sensor
  • 4k60 & 4k 120 (no crop)
  • no pixel binning
  • 409k ISO
  • Same Sony A7IV autofocus (although another source said it has Sony A7rV autofocus system…so there might be an misunderstanding here).
  • Cheaper than the A7sIII (now over 3000 dollars/Euro)

UPDATE: I corrected a single info! Looks like the camera name is ZV-E1 and not ZV-E as initially stated (have to correct my info in the video below)

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