January 28, 2016
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Adobe adds A68 support a new Samyang profiles. Introduces new “‘Boundary Warp” feature.


Adobe added full support for the Sony ILCA-68 and many lens profiles for Samyang/Rokinon A and E-mount lenses. They also added a new feature. Here is the presentation text:

Introducing Boundary Warp

Stitched panoramas often have non-rectangular boundaries. There are several ways to handle irregular boundaries. The most common approach is to apply a rectangular crop. This is straightforward, but important image details near the boundary may be lost due to cropping. Another approach is to use Content Aware Fill (in Photoshop) to fill in the transparent areas outside the boundary. This can be effective, but may require multiple attempts to obtain a satisfying (smooth, artifact-free) result. It can also be expensive and requires rendering out the panorama to an output-referred(non-raw) format. Boundary Warp is a feature that provides another approach to handling the irregular boundary of panoramas. The feature analyzes the boundary and warps the image so that its edges fit a rectangular frame.  Here’s a visual example of the feature:


January 27, 2016
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Free vertical grip and $200 off on the A77II


Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-19 um 19.16.02
$200 off and free vertical grip ($298 value) with the Sony A77II sold by Bhphoto (Click here).

More deals:
Up to 10% reward offer running on both Sony cameras (Click here) and Sony-Zeiss lenses (Click here).
$230 off on the Black Tamron lens (Click here)
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$200 gift card for free on the Sony A7rII sold by BHphoto (Click here).
Open Box Sony A7 for $829 at BuyDig (Click here). That’s a $280 saving.
Refurbished Sony FE 70-200mm lens for $1,199 at Secondipity eBay (Click here). That’s a $300 saving.
$100 off on the Hasselblad 16mm E-mount lens at BHphoto (Click here).

January 27, 2016
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Sony China teases new E-mount camera and new E-mount lenses!



Sony China posted these two “teasers” on their official Weibo account. The blurred image above is for a new E-mount camera (I guess it’s the A6100) while the image below should show the new E-mount lens roadmap ….or a Pizza with lot of cheese on top :)

Fun aside, of course those images do not show anything. But they have been posted by Sony China so it means we will get our new A6100 and new E-mount lenses very soon….maybe in early February?


UPDATE: Sibuzaru made this animation to show how the teased camera looks very close to the current A6000


January 27, 2016
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(SR5) Some small info about the HX80.



We know Sony will soon announce the new HX80, HX350 and A6100. I am working to get the A6100 specs and exact announcement date. In the meantime a trusted source told me this:

The HX80 is the “First consumer camera that combines 30x zoom with 4k video recording

I hope the same source will send me the final A6100 specs too ;)

January 27, 2016
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Sony releases firmware update for the FS7 (RAW fix) and F5 (Quick Menu)


Sony released a new firmware update for the FS7 E-mount camcorder and the F5/F55.

The FS7 firmware can be downloaded at Sony Japan (Click here). It fixes a major RAW issue. And below you can find the major FS5 an F55 firmware upgrade info via Sony community:

We are very happy to announce the release of Version 7.01 firmware for both the F5, and F55 digital motion picture cameras.

This release is v7.01. The firmware v7.00 package is not released due to last minute changes. Version 7.01 is an updated package from v7.00

Among other features and improvements, Version 7 implements the Quick Menu using the high-resolution sub-display. Three silver keys above the display and three keys below are context sensitive and give you direct access to often used, powerful features without needing to navigate the menu system. Each key will call up a special submenu page – Project, Monitoring, MLUT, Media, Viewfinder and Others – for fast, efficient navigation.

Quick Menu.png

Improved viewfinder zebras – extended range

Documentarians and natural history DoPs have asked us for better viewfinder exposure tools when shooting off speed material in S-Log2 and S-Log3 without a LUT loaded in the VF. In addition to the already implemented High Brightness mode, and 1D Tone curve for the VF, we have responded with an improvement that will benefit all cinematographers in all shooting modes. We’ve extended the adjustment range of the viewfinder zebra pattern.The zebras can now indicate 18% Gray when you’re shooting in S-Log2 and S-Log3.

Previous Range Version 7.01 Range
Zebra1 Level 50% to 107% 0% to 107%
Zebra2 Level 52% to 109% 0% to 109%


It’s easy to appreciate the extended ranges when you consider the output IRE levels that correspond to 18% Gray.


Output IRE level
S-Log2 S-Log3
18% Gray 32% 41%
90% White 59% 61%


New Simultaneous recording mode:

This capability was requested from Documentary, Reality productions needing to shoot 4K 59.94p

For those needing to shoot HD and 4K of 50i with 50p or 59.94i with 59.94p we are implementing simultaneous recording to the same SxS Pro+ card of MPEG2 50Mbps 4:2:2 and 10 bit 4:2:2 XAVC in either 3840×2160 or 4096×2160. And as always with all simultaneous recording modes the files will have matching timecode and file naming for robust off line, on line conforming in post-production.

Rec. 2020 Color Space in Custom Mode (F55 ONLY)

To “bake in” Rec.2020 on a 4K XAVC™ recording, in Custom Mode.

A new generation of 4K Ultra HD televisions is poised to deliver unprecedented entertainment experiences to millions of viewers. The combination of Rec.2020 (ITU-R BT.2020) wide color gamut, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 3840 x 2160 resolution will offer piercing highlights, significantly more shadow detail and a range of intense colors that Rec. 709 HDTV cannot match. Sony S-Gamut3 is perfectly positioned to take advantage of Rec.2020 home viewing. Version 7.01 firmware uses Custom Mode to capture Rec.2020 color into 4096 x 2160 and 3840 x 2160 XAVC recordings.

If you are shooting in CINE EI MODE select S-Gamut3 if your intended deliverable requires Rec. 2020. For further details please read the v7 update chart below (page 2), and the release notes

Slide 2_R4_A.jpg

Slide 4_with Spectrum_R4_A.jpg

PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V7.01 Release note     Jan. 26th, 2016

This document explains about the firmware update of PMW-F55/F5 V7.01 from PMW-F55/F5 V6.02. The latest firmware version of related products is below.

Product name Latest firmware Release date
PMW-F55 V7.01 This announcement
PMW-F5 V7.01 This announcement
AXS-R5 V4.1 Aug 8th, 2014
AXS-512S24 V1.2 June 5th, 2013
AXS-A512S24/A1TS24 V1.0 Mar 17th, 2014
AXS-A256S24 V2.0 Mar 26th, 2015
AXS Utility Software V1.3 Feb 28th, 2014
RAW Viewer V2.2 Feb, 28th, 2014


This firmware can be updated from V6.02, V6.01, V6.00, V5.11, V5.10, V5.0, V4.12, V4.11, V4.1, V4.0, V3.0, V2.11, V2.1 and V2.0. When you want to update F55 and F5 from V1.22 and earlier, you must update to V2.0 first. Regarding the procedure and functions about V2.0, please refer to “PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V2.0 Release note” which was released on Oct 4th, 2013. The F55 and F5 must not be downgraded to previous versions after updating to V2.11. We cannot guarantee trouble free operation after downgrading. http://community.sony.com/t5/F5-F55/NEW-Firmware-release-Version-2-0/m-p/195623#M6582

An “All File” saved by a previous firmware version can be loaded to V7.00 in the F55 and F5. On the other hand, “ALL File” created by V7.01 is not compatible with F55/F5 installing earlier firmware version.

NOTE: The new Firmware V7.01 for PMW-F55/F5 is only compatible with AXS-R5 running with Firmware V4.1.

If your AXS-R5 has earlier firmware installed, please update to the current Firmware V4.1 at the same time. http://community.sony.com/t5/F5-F55/NEW-F5-F55-Firmware-Version-v4-11-and-AXS-R5-v4-1/m-p/410782#M19


January 26, 2016
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Fuji says they are testing a (Sony?) medium format sensor


Image above shows the Fuji 6X9 film camera.

Sony is conquering all the medium format sensor market with their CMOS sensors. First the 50MP senor got used by all Medium Format makers. And now they launched the world’s highest resolution 101MP CMOS sensor for Phase One.

And now here comes the news:

It’s known that Fuji designs the X-trans sensor but Sony is actually making those. Well yesterday Fuji officially stated that they are testing the a new medium format sensor (easy to guess it’s made by Sony). Fuji is investigating the possibility to launch a medium format system camera. And also Sony is rumored to testing such models (probably RX fixed lens format).

Now here comes my dream part:

We know Sony is reading us. So I figured that for once we will take the chance to let SAR readers express their opinion on unlikely but still exciting dream idea: What would you think if Fuji and Sony would launch a new medium format mirrorless system together? It would create diversity within the system, make it growth fast and probably also keep costs reasonable. Let us know:

Would you consider to join into a new medium format interchangeable lens system made by Sony/Fuji?

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