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PhotoPlus mystery may be solved: Sony will not be there but Sony Artisans will. Sony will have A9II launch event on same period!


As you know Sony is not listed as exhibitor at the PhotoPlus show. A couple of days ago Sony officially told to Petapixel that they “will be officially listed on there either later today or tomorrow“.

But 5 days after the website has still not be updated and from the floor map it really seems like there is even no space left for Sony anyway. I guess someone at Sony is making a mess or confusion.

Luckily a source was kind enough to tell me what’s going on. This is what he told me tonight (Thanks!):

“Just thought you might want to know that they’ll have their own separate venue for an event that same weekend.
Sony Artisans will still be involved with the show but Sony will not have any presence at the Expo itself. “

In summary:
– Sony A9II will be announced exactly the same period as the PhotoPlus show but not AT the Photoplus show
– Sony Artisans will be present and have conferences and likely even discuss and show the A9II. But there will be no direct Sony booth.

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