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New Sony interview at and “We have dozen of lenses on our roadmap”

Share has interviewed Mr. Yasuyuki Nagata from Sony. Here are a couple of info:

  • Sony sees potential in the High End Mirrorless Camera and Lens market.
  • Response to the 200-600mm FE lens launch was  “greater than expected”
  • There are still a dozen of lenses that  we want to make (that  are on our roadmap). Expansion willbe “horizontal” which means extension of current lens lineups (for example f/1.8 FE range  could be extended to 20mm 24mm  f/1.8 and so forth (Interpretation by Asobinet).
  • Cost  for lenses has increased to the more advanced design and  material used
  • the demand for APS-C cameras is high because of the 1 mount strategy that makes it easy to use same lenses on different cameras (FF, APS-C and Camcorders).
  • The demand for  high  end fixed lens cameras hasn’t decreased significantly  and sales of RX cameras are growing in some regions interviewed Kenji Tanaka and this is what he said:

  • Sony will always try to keep cameras as small as it gets.
  • Yes it’s  possible that Sony will make GM branded APS-C lenses..


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