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(UPDATED) POLL: Vote your future Sony FF must have features!


I spend a coupe of hours to organize the pol based on your suggestions I collected here:

UPDATE: I will keep the poll open until late Sunday.

Before you start to vote please read the introduction:
1) Please take time before to vote. Think!
2) There are 105 features/characteristics you can vote. But you can select a maximum of 20 options only! Please be aware of the cost of every feature. You have to willing to pay for what you ask!
3) The poll has no scientific value. It will only help to give us and Sony a general idea of what the people is looking for.
4) The percentage you see after each possible answers has to be understand like that. A percentage of 34% for example means that of all voters 34% voted that option.
5) If you want me to correct your voting contact me at
6) The poll will run for a couple of days.
7) After closing the poll I will analyze the results and try to get feedback from Sony.

Choose the one very best lens of 2017

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Now let’s vote! Invite your friends to vote. More we are more valuable the poll will become!

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