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Relax: The A6400 is not the A6500 successor and not the new High End APS-C camera which Sony confirmed is on the roadmap too!


A7000 rendering

UPDATE: The A6400 has been announced! You can read all about it on that special SonyAlphaRumors page.

I read that some people where concerned that the A6400 is going to be new High End APS-C camera and that we might not see an A7000 afterall.

Just to be clear, the A6400 is not the A6500 successor!
The name alone suggest that this is not Sony’s new high end camera. The one thing that gives me high hope is to know they announce the A6400 today and not at WPPI where they usually announce the most important gear (like the A7III last year). My guess is that it means something even bigger will be announced in one month exactly right before the WPPI show (let’s hope it’s the A7000).

So please calm down everyone saying the A6400 is what the A7000 was supposed to be. It’s 100% not, this is an affordable vlogger camera. A high End APS-C will definitely follow…the question is only how long we have to wait for this…and the A7sIII !!!

Reminder: Sony directly told in a Dpreview interview that “APS-C cameras for professional use must exist.” Just to make it clear to all readers that High End APS-C models are confirmed by Sony and not only a “rumor” ;)


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