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Samyang announces the 85mm T/1.4 lens for A-mount.



Right after the end of the Photokina show Samyang announced a new A-mount lens. Price is yet not known but the lens should shipping by end of the year. It’s a manual focusing lens with 72mm diameter and 513g weight. It is a VDSLR version which means it has a silent aperture ring and features focus gearing.

Samyang is know for making high quality manual focusing land low price lenses. I highly recommend them if you don’t need AF! Here is a list of currently available lenses udner different brand names:
8mm f/3.5 fisheye at Amazon, BHphoto,
14mm f/2.8 at Amazon, BHphoto,
24mm f/1.4 at Amazon, BHphoto,
35mm f/1.4 at Amazon, BHphoto,
85mm f/1.4 at Amazon, BHphoto,


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