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Sony Tidbits (iPhone uses Sony sensor technology)


MEMOVY from Lucas Zanotto on Vimeo.

Chipworks confirmed that the new iPhone5 uses a Sony sensor. Another step into world wide domination form Sony :)
And because we are talking about iPhones I invite you to watch the movie I embedded on top. It’s an application made by a long time SonyAlphaRumors reader. Thought it may interest you to see how it works. You can read the full description and download the application on iTunes (Click here). Thanks Lukas for sharing this!

And here are more news and readers mail:
33 Objektive in Test und Bestenliste (
Michal: Pictures from the Hasselblad Photokina booth on Facebook.
Tynana: My biggest gripe with the NEX 5 series has been the lack of audio in. Today I spent about six hours dissecting the ECM-SST1 and the NEX flash to combine them to make audio-in. Although I tried many different things, I couldn’t figure out how to get a stereo input, so I eventually settled on mono. The project is medium difficult… to get it to fit nicely in the flash you have to desolder a big switch from the microphone board, and you have to solder a couple tiny wires. But then again… I’m terrible at soldering and I managed it. Here is the picture: Unfortunately I got overeager after I got it working and I got a big glob of solder on one of the connectors, thus breaking it. I’ve ordered another sony microphone to take the connector out of, and should have picture of the finished product and some sample videos soon! For now I’ve attached a couple pictures. The side of the unit will look a lot nicer once I’m finished– I haven’t put the side panels back on yet.
Vladislav: Today I stumbled upon a video of Gary Fong reviewing briefly the a77. Now I know that nowadays there’s quite a bit fuzz about the new a99 (which I should say looks just GREAT, although the 6fps kinda make me feel glad I got a77 and didn’t wait for the a99 to come out), but the a77 ain’t that old yet :) Here is the video if you think the SAR fans as myself would enjoy it:

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