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Seriously: Should Sony make a 101 megapixel medium format RX camera?



Yesterday Phase One launched the new XF 100MP back (article here). The sensor is made by Sony and first SAR readers worked on the 300+(!) megapixel TIFF files (article here). The image quality you get is impressive. This is now the world’s best digital system camera you can buy!
So the question arises if Sony will ever make a medium format RX camera with such a sensor. The advantages for Sony and us would be:

– Sony would explore a new “virgin” territory (first fixed lens digital medium format)
– Sony could make the most compact digital medium format camera yet. Something we can really use for reportage and travel photography. The current medium format cameras are more suited for landscape use.
– Sony could sell the camera at a less crazy sub $10,000 price. It would be a completely different camera than the Phase One and certainly not compete against it (not interchangeable, not primarily made for studio and landscape photography)

Now imagine Sony announcing such a camera. Below you can see an imaginary RX medium format camera designed by SAR reader S

[shoplink 43703 ebay]Sony RX645(6)[/shoplink]


Would you consider to buy a medium format 101MP Sony camera price just below $10,000?

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P.S.: You can see the new XF100MP back for real in Los Angeles! More info at

P.P.S.: Feel free to send me some cool medium format camera designs at :)

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