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Our “SonyNinja” source visited Sony CES booth and saw no new camera yet (but big Playstation Virtual Reality ads)



Tomorrow (January 5th at 5pm PST) Sony will stream a live video presentation from the CES show. But as reported previously it’s highly likely that Sony’s new A99x and A6100 system camera will be introduced after the CES show at or right before the CP+ photo show in late February. The CES show is more “mass consumer oriented” and as I leaked previously there will be new actioncameras, handycams and maybe some compact cameras only.

Our “SonyNinja” source (cool name!) already visited the Sony CES booth and reported this:

“At CES in the booth past few days. No new big cameras, but new line of TVs and heavy focus on HDRaudio and “lifestyle.” PlayStation VR has a big presence this year along with lots of interactive elements around the booth…”

It may be that like it happened with the A7sII Sony takes out a system camera out of nowhere to avoid any leak. But just to keep your foots on ground don’t expect yet anything granted for tomorrow.

But the good news is that the same sources who were right on the Batis and RX1rII rumors also told us the A99 successor and A6100 are finally coming as next (shipment within March).

P.S.: Virtual Reality seems to be the big thing this year at CES!

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