Short roundup before the storm: New VG30 pic, new K-5II with Sony sensor and Hasselblad-Sony partnership?



I have to catch up with some news before to keep talking about the big A99, RX1 VG900 and NEX-6 cameras that are going to be announced tomorrow! So here are three interesting news:

1) We have some new VG-30 pics you can see her eon top. Click on the pictures on top to see the full size version.

2) Pentax announced the new K-5II with 16,3 Sony Exmor sensor without AA filter (Specs and price here at BH).

3) Hasselblad will announce a mirrorless camera with a larger than Full Frame sensor. And it is rumored that the sensor is made by Sony! The camera will be similar to current Hasselblad Xpan cameras (they are here on eBay). I certainly hope that’s a true rumor! More info at MirrorlessRumors.

4) Sony A57 review at Photographic-central.


Important: Announcement tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4-5 int he morning London time. And as I told you yesterday I just noticed that I gave you the wrong links to our social network. Here are the correct links to the RSS feed (Click here) and Twitter (Click here) stream and the Facebook fan page (Click here). By joining us you will not miss any rumor about the future NEX-9, A1 and other cameras to come the months after Photokina :)