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Sigma releases new firmware 1.01 for the MC-11 adapter



Sigma released a new 1.01 firmware update for the MC-11 autofocus adpater. You can download it here: Those are the improvements:

It has improved the following phenomenon that occurs when lenses that are not compatible with the MC-11 are attached and no light is emitted on the MC-11’s LED lamp.
● It does not operate properly on continuous shooting mode.
● In the case of some lenses that incorporate an OS function, when the camera’s power is turned off, it does not respond to any operation for a certain period of time.
● When open aperture is not selected for shooting, the aperture does not return to fully open.
※ Improvements may not be visible with some products.
※ The phenomenon that the diaphragm closes when the camera’s power is turned off is due to the characteristic of the camera and is considered to specification.

Thanks MWB!

The MC-11 can be bought at Amazon US, BHphoto, Amazon DE and Wex UK.

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