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Skylum’s Lightroom competition will be released in a few weeks


Skylum announced that their Lightroom alternative will be soon released as a Beta version and be free for current Luminar owners:

Skylum plans to offer the new DAM free to anyone who owns a current version of Luminar. Within a few weeks, the company will announce its final sale of the current version. There will be a well-known, well-publicized, time limit set for this sale and at the end of the sale, the retail price of the product will go up. Everyone who buys (or currently owns) the current version of Luminar before that date, will get the new DAM free of charge. After that date, the price will rise and will still be very affordable.

The new DAM is still under development, and the company wants to make sure it is rock solid before it comes out of BETA. We’re in the home stretch. As soon as possible, the shipping date will be announced. For now, make sure you own the current version of Luminar to put yourself in the queue to receive the new DAM free of charge. 

Note that you save $10 on Luminar when using our code “SAR” at checkout!

This is the presentation video of the DAM module:

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