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Some more background rumor noise on next week Sony’s event…


I am getting some more confirmation that indeed Sony has organized a major Journalists and Blogger gathering for next week. This is by far no 100% reliable proof that there might be a product announcement. But for sure there is a major effort from Sony to get them all together.

Only one source which has been sometimes correct in the past (but also wrong 1-2 times) said that for sure Sony will announce new lenses. Here is his message:

Big Sony E-mount announcement is coming very soon. Lenses for sure, maybe APS-C camera too.

Still, I cannot rank this rumor with SR4 or SR5 yet.

All I know with 99% certainty is:
1) that No A7sIII is coming yet
2) that the next E-mount camera should be announced soon and it should be a High End APS-C
3) 135mm f/1.8 GM should be announced too along a new APS-C lens

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