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Sony A55 hack! It can record 1080p at 48/60fps?


UPDATE: The hacker needs some help: “Do you have any info on where the Alpha Cameras are made? Which plant? Who supplies specific components?” Please contact me if you have the answer. Thanks!

As you might know the [shoplink 4390]Panasonic GH1[/shoplink] camera got a lot of attention after beeing hacked (click here to read the DVXuser hacking thread). The hack allows a higher bitrate, third-party battery support, 30min recording removal and many other improvements. Now we have a good news for you. A hacker just sent me an email: “I have had the [shoplink 3617]Sony A55v[/shoplink] for about a week. I’m already into the firmware and from years of hacking motherboard/video-card BIOS and Pentax cameras I can tell you the APS-C sensor can shoot MJPEG at 3k resolution at 24p for at least 45 seconds. I’m more interested in 1080p at 48/60 FPS. I’ll tell right now the memory buffer systems in this camera is huge….probably 3-4 times that of the [shoplink 4390]GH1[/shoplink]. All I’ve done is break into the code. A proper hack would take months. Thousands of possible settings to adjust. Testing. But you need thousands of people and a big community to support a project like that.

The hacker wants to know if you would support this project with technical help and financial support. That’s why I added a poll. Please contact me at if you can help the hacker. Thanks!

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