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Sony A65 release postponed (and news roundup).


Sony A65 commercial

Sony announced that the new [shoplink 8459]Sony A65[/shoplink] will start to be shipped on November 11 (instead of October 14). Interesting, it looks like the A65 is not having the issues of the [shoplink 8461]Sony A77[/shoplink] so I don’t knwo why it has been postponed. ANyway, I collected some A65 related news from around the web:

Photoreview (Click here) posted a full A65 review: “Some performance differences between the SLT-A65 and the SLT-A77 were revealed in our Imatest and response time tests. For the former, the drop in resolution with the A65 can be largely attributed to the kit lens. Had we used the 16-50mm lens that was used for testing the A77, the resolution figures would probably have been much closer.

There is also a Sony A65 hands-on at Dpreview Forum and some new image samples at Lowyat.

German Sony A65 review at (The A65 is the best APS-C camera you can get for less than 1000 Euro!). And there is also a new test of the A65, A77 and Nex 5n in the German magazine Colorfoto 11/2011 (there is no online version). Interesting: The A65 compared to the A77 had better results throughout all ISOs.

All new Sony cameras and lenses links:
A77 at [shopcountry 8461].
A65 at [shopcountry 8459].
Sony NEX-7 [shopcountry 8454].
Sony NEX-5n [shopcountry 8452].
Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8450].
Sony 50mm f/1.8 [shopcountry 8448].
Sony 55-210mm [shopcountry 8444].
NEX-5n viewfinder [shopcountry 9110].

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