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Sony A6700 does have a multi-selector for focus point control…and an exciting hint about what’s coming next!!!


Another new source that claims to have tested the A6700 told me it has a “multi-selector for focus point control”. Here I list the confirmed and unconfirmed specs. And at the bottom I have a new video where I share a first “hint” about what might be announced right after the A6700!

Confirmed Sony A6700 specs:

  • 26MP sensor
  • 4k120p
  • two dual SD/Type A card slots
  • AI features
  • slightly larger body with front dial under the shutter button
  • Price slightly below the Fuji X-T5
  • Announcement on July 12

Unconfirmed Sony A6700 specs:

  • 3.67 million dot EVF
  • multi-selector for focus point control
  • no fully articulating screen
  • focus stacking in camera
  • 7 stop IBIS

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