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Sony a7 III Review at Dpreview: “a new benchmark for full frame cameras due to its compelling combination of value and capability”


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Dpreview published their full A7III review. The camera earned the Gold Award:

Put simply, the Sony a7 III is a new benchmark for full frame cameras due to its compelling combination of value and capability – and the fact that this series of cameras has come so far in less than five years is impressive in its own right. For around the same price as an ‘entry-level’ full frame camera in 2012 and 2013, the a7 III offers speed for the sports shooter, autofocus accuracy for the portraitist, dynamic range for the landscape photographer and low light image quality for the couple at a candlelit dinner. And don’t forget about the best video quality and feature set this side of a dedicated cinema rig.

That’s not to say that in hours of testing and scrutiny, we didn’t find some things we would like to change. Hardcore DSLR users will grumble about lagginess in the user interface. Stopped-down focusing continues to frustrate. The a7 III’s chart-topping video quality is let down by disappointing video autofocus tracking. We know the weather sealing isn’t top of class, and yes, we know there are occasional artifacts caused by the phase detection pixels that feed the on-sensor autofocus system (but please, we implore you, read the image quality section on this matter before commenting).

But in almost every situation we put the camera through, whether shooting soccer, engagement portrait sessions, birthdays or friends’ headshots, we couldn’t help but be impressed with how easy it was to get great images with the a7 III. And while the asking price won’t be attainable for everyone, the Sony stands above many peers that sell for the same or similar prices. For that, it earns our highest award.

Yes, I also do think the A7III is the technically most well-rounded Sony E-mount camera ever made. Time to buy one and join our A7III facebook group to share your best pics :)

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