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Sony A7s live stream soon on SAR! And A7s rumor recap.


Follow the live stream on SAR!

We are almost there! At 2pm Las Vegas time (10 pm in London and 11pm in Berlin) Sony will announce the new A7s E-mount Full Frame 4K camera with 12 megapixel and XAVCs recording. And if we are “lucky” we are going to see an updated FE lens roadmap too.

A7s rumor recap:
Over a month ago I started to get rumors about a 4K capable photo camera. As I have been told back at that time the camera wasn’t ready yet. So I assume the A7s will not come to market immediately and its main goal is to take away the spotlight from the currently only competitor in this class, the Panasonic GH4 (here at Amazon). The good news on the A7s is that while Sony focused on delivering a great 4K quality the positive side effect for photographer is that after a very long time we will get a new camera with low Megapixel count. A unique chance to grab a camera that has top clean High ISO, speedy processing and probably delivers enough resolution for most of our daily use. I just hope the price will not be much higher than that of the Panasonic GH4 ($1,700). Very important to know: The A7s is not the new A9 high end camera. The A9 is still scheduled for a late Summer release!

The surprise:
Sony could announce an updated FE lens roadmap. A couple of weeks ago mark Weir from Sony said new FE lenses would be announced soon. And he said fast primes are int he work too. Yesterday Sony FE lens designer said they would like to make a 85mm f/1.4 or f/1.2 lens. So let’s cross the fingers for that guys!

Again, be sure to be online here on SAR to follow the event live at 2pm Las Vegas time (10 pm in London and 11pm in Berlin).

Personal note:
Because the Sony A7s announcement took me by surprise this is how I ahve to work somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Tuscany (Click on picture to enlarge):

Hope this will work fine tonight :)

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