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Sony FE lens designer hints the the chance to see a 85mm fast FE prime soon.


DSC7182 (1)

From left to right: Yosuke Aoki, Vice President Sony Digital Imaging Europe
Atsushi Ueda, image quality engineer for Sony mount A and E,
Naoki Miyagawa, optician engineer for Sony mount A and E.

Image courtesy: LesNumeriques.

I am still not 100% sure about it but tomorrow (Sunday 6) there is a fair chance Sony will unveil new FE lenses too! Last weeks Mark Weir from Sony US said we won’t have long to wait to see the new lenses. And he also said fast aperture lenses are in the works too.

Today a French SAR reader (Merci Max!) pointed me out to a new Sony interview posted at Lesnumeriques (google translation here). Here Sony FE lens designer Naoki Miyagawa said he would like to build an e-mount 85mm f1.4 (or even f1.2) if he had time (given by Sony) to do so. And I don’t know why but my instinct says he already designed the lens and that it’s ready for the market :)

The official Sony FE lens roadmap.

Damn would I love to get a 85mm f/1.4 lens (don’t need the extra weight of an f/1.2). This will be a hot day tomorrow!

Reminder: The Sony A7s will be unveiled live at 2pm in Las Vegas (on Sunday). You can follow the live video stream on SAR!!! This is the time in other time zones:
– 5pm New York time on Sunday April 6
– 10pm (22:00) London time on Sunday April 6
– 11pm (23:00) Berlin time on Sunday April 6
– 6am (06:00) Tokyo time on Monday April 7

Stay tuned on SAR!!!!!!!!

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