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Sony announces World’s Smallest 1M-Pixel Lens Module


Sony announced the World’s Smallest Super Small 1M-Pixel Lens Module:

The world’s smallest 1M-pixel lens module (2.6 mm*2 (W) × 3.3 mm (D) × 2.32 mm (H)) was realized by newly developing a super small 1M-pixel image sensor with a chip size of 2 mm × 2 mm and a super-small low-profile lens with a head size of 2.6 mm × 2.6 mm. This lens module is also equipped with a low power consumption mode that reduces power consumption by approximately 10 % to 60 % compared to existing image sensors with an equivalent number of pixels for mobile applications. This makes it the ideal lens module for super-small and lightweight mobile devices.
The IU233N2-Z and IU233N5-Z will help to further reduce the size and weight of mobile devices such as head-mounted displays and smart watches, and to develop new markets such as IoT and drones.

This sensor is probably going used by future wearable devices.

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