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Don:My wish list for the A7iii.
Sensor.  The current 24MPixel sensor means I can print up to 20 x 13” at 300dpi.  As I never actually print larger than 16 x 12” then I have no wish for a higher resolution sensor.  But I do find it limiting that the A7ii has worse high ISO noise than both the A7Sii and the A7Rii, so I would welcome a move to a BSI sensor.  
Autofocus.  A similar system to the A6500 would be great, mainly to give fast focussing and good compatibility with Canon lenses.
Stabilisation. Just an update to make it as good as the A6500.
Battery. If Sony can pack all the electronics into an A6xxx sized body, then I’m sure that they could make room for a bigger battery in the A7 series. If not, then adding about 5mm to the height of the camera would make it easier to hold, and would give extra room for a new larger battery.
Video.  The A7S and A7R cameras are both great for video, so why not concentrate on stills photography for the A7iii?  No video would a smaller menu and make everything easier to find.
Backup.  No video would also mean that there is no need for microphone and headphone sockets.  These could be replaced with a full sized USB 3 socket.  With the correct firmware this could allow direct backup to a USM memory stick.  Or just add a second SD card slot instead.
Write speed.  Please increase the write speed to the SD card(s).
RAW and JPEG.  I find Sony colours a bit cool.  Could Sony add a menu item to allow you to choose between the standard Sony colours and a slightly warmer option?  And of course allow proper uncompressed RAW without wasting space on the SD cards.


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