Sony financial report: Facing tough times but plans expansion of imaging- sensor facilities.


If you read the latest Financial report analysis on Bloomberg you really get the idea what a tough time Sony is facing right now. Particularly that sentence gives you an idea of the recent company history: “Sony, worth more than $120 billion in 2000, is now valued at about $11 billion. Apple Inc. (AAPL) is valued at $511 billion and Samsung Electronics Co. is at $184 billion.

The good news is that Sony will increase the investment in the digital imaging business: “Sony will use 60 billion yen of the proceeds to invest in CMOS image sensors

TheVerge writes: “In recent years the imaging division has been one of Sony’s top performers, and was identified by CEO Kazuo Hirai as one of the company’s pillars for future growth when hetook the reins in April. The proliferation of camera phones and corresponding drop in point and shoot sales have hurt Sony’s Cyber-shot line, but it remains a strong competitor in other arenas with its NEX line of mirrorless cameras, its more DSLR-like Alpha line, its professional cinema gear, and its expanding medical imaging business. During the Q&A following Sony’s recent Q2 earnings call, CEO Hirai reinforced the benefits of the division’s diversified nature, pointing out that the company makes money both from the cameras it manufacturers and the sensors it produces for competitors’ products, including smartphone cameras.

At least that part of the story sounds good!

via Photorumors.