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Sony HX9v video quality beats the Canon 600D (EosHD)


Andrew Reid from EosHD (Click here) compared the [shoplink 7344]Sony HX9v[/shoplink] vs [shoplink 7345]Canon 600D[/shoplink] video quality: “The new Sony HX9v compact out-resolves the 600D’s video mode for resolution, and has 1080/60p. It is also a lot closer to a DSLR in terms of dynamic range than I expected it would be. It fits in my pocket and has a stabilised 24-380mm lens.

This is just to show the power and knowledge from Sony regarding the video technology. Let’s hope the A77 will become THE camera that features full manual video controls and decent quality (at least better than the [shoplink 6954]Canon 7D[/shoplink] please!).

Check the Sony HX9v price at [shopcountry 7344]

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