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Sony interview at Business Insider: The focus now is on video and on smartphone+alpha integration


Business Insider Japan interviewed Shigeki Ishizuka, Representative Director and CEO of Sony Electronics (left), and Ichiro Takagi, Executive Vice President and COO of Sony Electronics.

  • Coronavirus did impact camera sales. But Sony expects sales to recover quickly after Q2
  • The digital camera market is a tough market because it’s shrinking. That’s why the “Alpha brand” will focus on “video” too, to secure a certain scale.
  • The MAC version for the just released Imaging Edge Webcam software will be released in “fall of 2020”
  • Sony also said that they aim for a complete fusion of how to integrate the smartphone and camera. Sony is the only company in the world that has a full-fledged smartphone and camera business. Sony plans to significantly increase development investment in smartphone business and solutions for cameras and professionals, and strengthen the development in the short and long term.

I guess this blends perfectly with what Sony wants to achieve with the soon to be announced new “Sony A7c”: This camera is aimed for vloggers and travelers, the camera is light, compact, has a selfie screen and the new more simple Sony A7sIII menu. At the same time their new Xperia models will use all the classic Alpha features like high frame rate and eye af.

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