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Sony interview at Says no (interchangeable) medium format system camera to come yet. New A-mount stuff will come.



Sony manager Maki Kimio has been interviewed at In short this is what he said:

1) SLT cameras have the advantage of larger bodies. There is more space we can use to implement certain tech (SAR note: He doesn’t mention what exactly they plan to do). And he confirms they will continue to develop A-mount cameras and lenses.

2) Increase sensor size or increase Megapixel numbers is things we will do if customers demand for it.

3) Main demand for now is improve the autofocus performance

4) It is very likely to see different kind of (non-Bayer) sensor in future. But it’s not a concrete matter yet. Vertical layered RGB sensor (like Foveon) are yet very difficult to “process”

5) Light Field camera is something Sony is studying and may could come in a not so distant future.

6) In near future we wills ee more advanced Hybrid Mechanical-electronic shutters

7) Sony says DSLR sales are down because of lack in innovation. Sales of mirrorless are up because they became more advanced (not only because of the more compact size).

8) Both APS-C and Full Frame sensor cameras have a future. Wild life photographers prefer APS-C while landscape photographers prefer FF.

9) We will not make a Medium format system camera yet because we are already busy working to broaden our A and E-mount lens line.

10) It might not be so important to add 5 axis on the A7r yet.

Just a note on medium format: So far the rumors about medium format Sony cameras talk about fixed lens cameras. Sony is for now only excluding that it’s a system camera.

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