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Sony manager says we can do f/1.0 lenses but f/1.2 would make more sense. Also new telephoto lens is coming soon!


Sony manager Kenji Tanaka has been interviewed by Amateur Photographer. He shared some interesting thoughts and info:

About the mount diameter discussion: “The diameter of lens doesn’t matter. Honestly speaking it is very difficult to create a small size mount. But the quality of our new 400mm f/2.8 is better than the competitors. That means the diameter of the mount is not critical for our foremost lenses.”

About doing faster primes: “Maybe some demand exists for an f/1.2, but an f/1.0? Technically we could produce an f/1.0, but it would not make business sense.”

About the new comptition:  “Of course we are planning new models but honestly speaking, I don’t care about competitors. We care about our customer’s voice. A lot of our customers have given us feedback and we will create new products based on that.”

About new telephoto lenses: “We recently launched the 400mm f/2.8 for sports shooters and we are planning to develop another lens for this segment.”

About the size of the A7-A9 camera: “bigger cameras, that is not the Sony philosophy, and maybe another product might be better for them.”

I am not surprise to hear Sony considering to make f/1.2 primes. I am a bit more surprised to hear that Mr. Tanaka categorically excluded to make bigger cameras. I believe that at the end they will simply do slow incremental increases on every generation…

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